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In-Out Board Version 2.1.2 Release Notes, 3/3/2010

Revision History

Version 2.1.2 March 3, 2010

Bug Fixes:

  • All-Minor fixes

Version 2.1.1 November 2, 2009

Bug Fixes:

  • All-Problems with system resource use fixed
  • Mac-Failing to launch in some conditions under Leopard fixed

Version 2.1 December 04, 2007

New Features and enhancements:

  • All-Users may now choose colors to correspond to status choices, for display in their own main window. Set color choices in the Status Options Window, open via menu item Status/Edit Status Choices.
  • All-Change in server behavior which results in improved performance on large networks (>100 users)
  • All-Name field now accepts parenthesis, so that users can enter phone numbers with area code

Version March 26, 2007 (Windows only)

New Features and enhancements:

  • Win-Updated to run on Windows Vista
Bug Fixes:
  • Win-Window flashing for notification of status changes is fixed
  • Win2K-Fixed occasional crash on opening

Version 2.0.1 January 15, 2007

Bug Fixes:
  • All-Fixed bug which occasionally caused custom status choices and proxy lists to be reset
  • All-Importing of In-Out Board 1 settings is corrected and previously imported settings are repaired
  • All-Port number is correctly displayed in Networking window

Version 2.0 January 5, 2007

New Features and enhancements:

  • All-New administrative tool enables a privileged user to send settings to desired users and change user names. Please see menu item Tools/Administration and enter your Registration Code to activate. Demo users are automatically activated.
  • All-New Export feature saves contents of main window as tab delimited text file
  • All-All users may now handle user deletion
  • OS X-Universal Binary build now runs native on Mac Intel and Mac PPC, OS 10.3 or better
Bug Fixes:
  • All-Users now reliable receive updates which occurred while they were off
  • All-Status changes now accurately reflect most recent time of update
  • All-Column resizing now no longer cause certain columns to disappear
  • All-Fixed bug where main window would occasionally not appear when application is brought forward
  • All-Preferences for notification of status changes are updated when names change
  • WIN-Minimizing to System Tray no longer can cause program to disappear

Version 1.2 - June 14, 2005

Bug Fixes:
  • WIN-Application now shuts down properly when minimized to system tray
  • WIN-Factory Default button gives corrrect values in the Preferences Window
  • All-Users may now re-use a previously deleted name
  • All-Changing a user's name no longer reverts the user to having proxy
  • All-Name changes now update private notes

New Features and enhancements:

  • All-You may now set and save private notes for each user
  • All-Further improvements to menu
  • All-Users may now include custom sounds
  • All-Users may now set all new users to not receive proxy

Version 1.1.1 - March 11, 2005

Bug Fixes:
  • All- User deletion and name changes now work correctly
  • All- Fixed bug in display of custom settings on Appearence tab in Preferences Window
  • All- Status updates made remotely now trigger a user's notification preferences
New Features and enhancements:
  • All- Color used to display online and offline status of users is now customizable

Version 1.1 - January 12, 2005

New Features and enhancements:
  • All- Status and Notes may now be set remotely by other users. Users may revoke update privileges for any other user via proxy checkbox in Users Window.
  • All- Selecting same status as currently being used sends out updated time to all users
  • All- If there is a server, only servers can delete a user. When a user is deleted, all other users will automatically delete the user, too.
  • All- Menus more in keeping with each operating system's user interface guidelines
  • WIN- Users may now set preference for In-Out Board to minimize to System Tray
Bug Fixes:
  • All- Fixed bug which caused entry of user to be incompletely grayed out
  • All- Fixed bug which caused crash on quit when certain editing windows were open
  • All- Fixed bug where user was not updated to correct status on launch
  • All- Fixed bug where new user had no status on first launch
  • All- Column sorting now works on all editing windows
  • WIN- Fixed bug which caused application to be lost when hiding main window through menu item
  • WIN- Fixed bug which caused display of In-Out Board folder on system start up
  • WIN- Fixed bug where In-Out Board using sound could raise the system sound level
  • WIN- Fixed bug caused by opening Edit Status Options Window
  • WIN- conflict which caused several other apps to max out on CPU is resolved
  • WIN- control-h now has correct hiding functionality
  • WIN- Launch on system startup in the background now works correctly
  • WIN- crash on closing app with close box is resolved
  • WIN- Can now copy text from log window
  • WIN98- Fixed a bug with UDP networking
  • Classic- Rendezvous no longer appears as choice in Networking Window
  • Classic- no longer crashes on system shutdown

Version 1.0 - April 12, 2004

  • ALL - First public release.
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