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SnapMail Version 2.5.1b Release Notes, 12/20/99

================== Changes Since Version 2.5 ==================

  • A number of bugs that caused crashing under System 8.5.1 and 8.6 and 9.0 have been fixed.
  • The SnapMail client is now a true application rather than a Desk Accessory, which fixes a number of problems, including some printing incompatibilities, double pasting of text, and some memory related crashes.
  • Fixed bug that could cause intermittant crashing when opening up a log item.
  • You can now choose SnapMail as your Internet e-mail application and it will now activate properly when you click on a mailto URL in a browser.
  • Added command key equivalents and the color "violet" to the color menu.
  • Added in "K Free" at top right of screen to show available memory.
  • Due to popular demand, the tab key has been restored to it's 2.0 functionality, i.e it moves to the next field. To enter in a real tab in the text type option-tab.
  • The demo now lasts 30 days instead of 21.
  • Various bugs in the documentation were fixed.
  • A number of other small bugs were fixed.

================== Changes Since Version 2.0.3 ==================

New Features:
  • Style text is now supported. There are three little pop-up icons above the scroll bar with which you can select the stye and color of the text. (The text's font and base size is still choosen in your preferences. )
  • Drag & Drop text is now supported.
  • True tabs are now supported in the text. (To tab to the next field in a form use control-tab, Cmd-tab still works just as it did.)
  • Reply-To: headers from the Internet are now correctly supported.
  • Error alerts that are produced by the SnapMail driver now disappear automatically after 5 minutes and all errors are logged to an error log file in the "Snap Mail 2.0 Files" folder.
Bugs fixed:
  • A number of bugs have been fixed that caused crashes when large internet mail items came in through the Hologate gateway.
  • The default size for the SnapMail window on large screens no longer takes up the whole screen.
  • The year now appears in all dates.
  • Dragging a file from Find File (and other "promise" sources) onto SnapMail to enclose it now works.
  • Various bugs that appeared when using SnapMail in double-byte text systems were fixed.
  • Fixed Bug where the clicking the zoom box could cause the SnapMail window to appear off the screen.
  • Numerous other minor bugs were fixed.
New System Requirements:
  • SnapMail 2.5 now requires System 7.0 or greater.

==================== Compatibility ==================

  • ARA Server 3.0: There is an incompatibility with this version of ARA server that causes SnapMail to continuously scan the network, The current fix is to use a different version of the Server software.
  • Apple Data Detectors: If you are installing SnapMail for the first time, and you are running Apple Data Detectors please disable the ADD extenstion until after you have successfully installed and rebooted SnapMail. If you don't ADD will cause lock up you mac durring boot once you have typed in your SnapMail id (or restored identity). You will then have to force a reboot. After that reboot, everything should work fine, so this advice is only to prevent you from having to force the reboot.
  • Suitcase: Old versions of Suitcase will cause an error alert to appear at start-up time that proclaims an unexpected error -109. Upgrading to Suitcase II version 2.1.2 or later fixes this problem.
  • Escapade: Old versions of Escapade can cause a crash when opening a log item in the Delivered Mail Log. Upgrading to version 1.3.2 or later fixes this problem.
  • Retrospect Remote: If Retrospect is set to intercept shutdown for a late night backup SnapMail will not get a chance to dump any pending mail to a server until AFTER the backup, when the shutdown procedure completes. If this is a problem for you, you should turn on the "Send all mail directly to server" preference.
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