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SnapMail Version 3.1 Release Notes, 11/1/2001

========= Installation Notes=========

  • The installer creates a folder with the SnapMail application and various support files. It also adds an alias to the app in your Apple Menu Items and in the Startup Folder. Note that SnapMail now runs completely as an application and there is no extension!
  • SnapMail 3 runs independently of previous versions of SnapMail. This means that you can install the new version, play with it and test it, but still use your current version of SnapMail.

================== Revision History ==================

Version 3.1- November 1, 2001

  • You can now save a transcript of the SnapTalk window.
  • There are now additional Quick-Replies in the SnapTalk alert box.
  • You can now use styled text in SnapTalk
  • There is a new preference to delete sent mail after a user specified period of time.
  • Fixed bug in spell-checker that caused cursor to move to beginning of text in outbox when there were no misspellings.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when sending messages to large numbers of Internet addresses
  • Fixed a bug where if you return to the Text Styles preferences pane, the color setting buttons are gone.
  • Fixed a bug where mail could be delayed if you re-launch after a crash without rebooting the computer.
  • Fixed a scrolling bug when changing text styles
  • Fixed a bug where all internet addresses are deleted if the InterSnap server is moved to a different computer.

Version 3.0.4 - June 12, 2001

  • Fixed bug that could cause delay in mail delivery.
  • Reminders now work correctly when keeping a copy of enclosures pref is on.
  • Fixed bug that preveted setting prefrence to launch SnapMail in the foreground at startup.
  • Fixed bug that could cause a crash when clicking the "Draft" button on some systems.
  • Fixed a bug that caused color bleed when replying to mail with colors on the first line.

Version 3.0.3 - May 10, 2001

  • Fixed bug that caused SnapMail to launch as an expired demo .
  • Fixed bug that caused spurious error messages to appear when closing the SnapMail window on some systems.

Version 3.0.2 - April 5, 2001

  • Fixed bug that caused SnapMail to lose network connectivity after waking from sleep
  • Fixed various bugs with notification in SnapTalk
  • Fixed bug where text with lots of web-links scrolled improperly when first opened
  • Fixed bugs in transfering messages to folders when Trash or Return Receipt folders deactivated
  • Fixed bug where reminder time of 12PM sent reminders as if they were 12 AM
  • Spelling checker now handles capitalized words correctly
  • The groups menu is now sorted correctly

Version 3.0.1 - March 8, 2001

  • Added support for InterSnap (requires version 1.1)
  • Fixed bug where mail appeared "green" when Internet Config was not available
  • Fixed bug in "swap tab & option-tab" preference

Version 3.0 - March 2, 2001

  • You can now send voice messages with your mail. The speaker icon on the main page lets you record these messages and listen to them before you send it. When the recipient opens the mail, they will hear your voice message.
  • You can now proofread your mail using a built-in spell checker with a 90,000+ dictionary! To spell check your outgoing mail, click on the checkmark icon that has been grouped with the font icons. You can check the whole letter, move among misspelled words, and list suggestions for selected words. Hint: If you hold down the ctrl key and click on a word, suggestions for the correct spelling will pop right up!
  • You can now keep drafts of mail you are working on! Simply click on the "hold" button (next to the send button) and the mail you are working on will be stored in your "drafts" folder. To work on it again, simply double click on it.
  • When you choose Alert notification (default for high-priority messages, talk requests, and reminders), SnapMail now brings up a custom alert window in which you can preview the message right away, decide to bring up SnapMail to open or reply to the message, or you can delete it.
  • Multiple users can now share a single computer.
  • We have added three new mail types: high priority, reminders & bulletins. You can set the notification preferences separately for each of these.
    • High priority mail has replaced the concept of alerts. The pre-made bugle icon is set to send high priority mail. It will bring up an alert box. These mail messages will no longer disappear after a time. You can set any piece of mail to be high priority by selecting "High Priority" from the mail settings pop-up.
    • Reminders can be set to alert the user at some future time. This is particularly useful as your own reminder service. The pre-made finger with a string icon is set to be a reminder. When you send it, SnapMail will prompt you for the reminder time. You can set any piece of mail to be a reminder from the clock pop-up menu.
    • Bulletins allow you to post a message for all to see. These messages will go into a special folder called "Bulletins". The recipients will not be disturbed by the arrival of bulletins. A very cool feature of bulletins is that you can "take them down" from the bulletin board. Simply delete them from your own bulletin folder and the will be removed from everyone’s folder. This is great for things like company phone lists, etc.. The icon of the tack in the bulletin is pre-made to send a bulletin. You can set any piece of mail to be a bulletin by selecting "Bulletin" from the mail settings pop-up.
  • Additionally you can set expiration times for mail. This is great for "Chit-chat" mail (we've added a predefined icon of the same name) , i.e. little silly messages like "Be right over...". These messages can clog up ones messaging system, so mail sent as "chit-chat" will automatically delete itself after a specified time. The pre-made chit chat icon sets mail to expire after one day. You can set the expiration date for any mail item by choosing "Expire" from the mail settings pop-up.
  • Other additions....
    • There is now a "Sent" mail folder.
    • Double clicking on web addresses in your messages will now automatically switch to your web browser.
    • SnapMail now has it's own volume setting.
    • The address book has been combined with the to, cc, and bcc addressing.
    • To, cc, and bcc are now color coded.
    • The talk window can now be open at the same time as the SnapMail main window.
    • Forms that have the text "" or "
    • There is now an icon pallette.
    • Pending Mail and Delivery Log window separated. Delivery Log is now text based (now in Mail menu)
    • You can now send and design color icons. A real productivity boost :)
    • Registering SnapMail can now be done directly within SnapMail instead of at Installation time.
    • plus lots more


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