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SnapTalk Version 3.0.1 Release Notes, 1/8/2003

Revision History

Version 3.0.1- Jan 8, 2003

  • Fixed bug where you couldn't quit without an error message in OS 9.2 with multi-users enabled
  • SnapTalk now scans the network when waking up from sleep (if it's been more than 3 minutes)
  • SnapTalk will now restart itself in some rare occasions where it's networking conections get messed up.
  • Fixed bug where SnapTalk wouldn't play system sounds if selected in prefs.
  • Fixed bug where a "nilObject" error would be reported after clicking "Answer" in the Quick-Reply alert if the While You Were Out feature was set to "Never"
  • Messages to which you Quick-Reply now also get archived if the archiving pref is turned on.
  • Messages to which you Quick-Reply are also loaded into the SnapTalk window (unless you are currently on a conversation and there are no free lines)
  • Fixed bug where messages would arrive but be hidden in the other line.
  • Fixed bug where main window gets corrupted after you return from changing the preferences.
  • You no longer need to quit and re-launch the application after changing the port number
  • The window size is now correctly remembered between launches when QuickReplies are minimized
  • AppleTalk is no longer supported under OS 9 (use SnapTalk 2 if you need AppleTalk on OS 9)
  • Fixed networking problems where messages are delayed or don't arrive until you do a Network Scan.
  • Fixed several bugs that could cause SnapTalk to crashes when quitting.

Version 3.0- May 8, 2002

  • OS X Native!
  • SnapTalk now supports TCP/IP for OS X and mixed OS X/OS 8-9 networks. AppleTalk is still available for pure OS 8-9 networks.
  • You can now create QuickReply sets and QuickReplies also appear on the main window
  • Line 1 & 2 buttons and the HangUp button for simultaneous conversations
  • Transcripts can now be archived
  • A "While You Were Out" log to see who called when you were away
  • Save As and print buttons on the main window
  • There is a new groups pop-up for quick messages to multiple people
  • New message alert window is now a "floating" window
  • AutoReplies are now much easier to activate and customize
  • Menus have been rearranged to be more logical
  • URL's in messages are now hot-linked to open a web browser when doubled-clicked on
  • There is now an option to see a timestamp for every message
  • There is now a preference to encrypt all messages
  • Now compresses all attachments before sending for faster file transfers

Notes on Networking

- By default, SnapTalk scans your local subnet with a UDP broadcast. If some of the SnapTalk users you communicate with are not on your local subnet, then you will need to add in their IP address range manually into the "TCP/IP scanning list" in the "Networking" window.

- SnapTalk now uses port 3484. You must install SnapTalk 3.0.1 on all your machines, or, if you still want to use SnapTalk 3.0 you must change the port number to 3484 and then quit and relaunch SnapTalk.


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