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SnapTalk Version Release Notes, 3/26/2007

Installation Notes

  • SnapTalk 5 will not communicate with previous versions of SnapTalk. You may have both SnapTalk 5 and SnapTalk 4 installed on your computer, however, you can only run one version at a time.
  • SnapTalk is designed to run with at most one computer volunteered as SnapTalk server. The only exception to this is when multiple networks are connected via the Internet without a VPN.

Release History

Version March 26, 2007 (Windows only)

New Features and enhancements:

  • Win-Updated to run on Windows Vista
Bug Fixes:
  • Win2K-Fixed occasional crash on opening

Version 5.0.3 February 15, 2007

Bug Fixes:
  • All-Admin tools now successfully send settings

Version 5.0 January 22, 2007

New Features and enhancements:

  • All- New administrative tool enables a privileged user to send settings to desired users and change user names. Please see menu item Tools/Administration and enter your Registration Code to activate. Demo users are automatically activated.
  • All-All users may now handle user deletion
  • All-Single click now opens URL in your web browser
  • All-Time stamp now displays time message was sent, not time it was placed in transcript
  • OS X-Universal Binary build now runs native on Mac Intel and Mac PPC, 10.3 or better
Bug Fixes:
  • All-Selecting Ignore on alert window when preference is set to Record in Transcript now does record the ignored message
  • All-Fixed bug where main window would occasionally not appear when application is brought forward
  • Win-Minimizing to System Tray no longer can cause program to disappear

Version 4.2 December 13, 2006

New Features and enhancements:

  • All-Archive on hangup preference will auto archive on quit
  • All-Printed and saved archives now include notes
  • All-Find now searches notes
Bug Fixes:
  • All-Closing one alert window now does not close all alert windows
  • All-Alert windows now always appear in front of the main window on message delivery
  • All-Improved changing of names and deleting of unwanted users
  • All-Substantial networking improvements speed message delivery and more efficiently establish user on/off status
  • All-Significantly accelerated saving and printing of multiple messages
  • All-Spell Checker uses fewer system resources
  • All-Solved problems caused by changing name of server
  • All-Fixed bug where changing name of file when saving would fail to work
  • All-AutoReply window now correctly titled
  • All- Spell check no longer marks numbers as misspelled
  • Win-AutoReply window is now of proper format and handles minimization correctly
  • OS X-Fixed problems with notification when SnapTalk was launched in the background
  • OS X Tiger-Fixed drawing bug when attachments are detached

Version 4.1.1 - April 10, 2006

Bug Fixes:
  • All - Main Window now properly remembers size from last close when opening
  • OSX - Now works properly on OS 10.2
  • OSX - Improvements to Alert Windows popping to the front

Version 4.1 - March 21, 2006

New Features and enhancements:
  • ALL - Added optional password protection
  • ALL - Users may now include custom sounds. Please see FAQ at
  • ALL - Holding down the option/alt key while clicking on the Attachments button now displays the paths of attached files and folders
  • ALL - Attachments being moved prior to sending is now handled more gracefully
  • ALL - Menus more in keeping with each operating system's user interface guidelines
  • ALL - If there is a server, only servers can delete a user. That user will be removed from the user list on all other computers as well.
  • ALL - SnapBacks now have keyboard shortcuts. On Windows use ctrl-1 for the first SnapBack, ctrl-2 for the second, etc. On Macintosh, use cmd-1, etc.
  • ALL - Support for right-clicking/control-clicking includes cut, copy and paste.
  • ALL - Web links and email addresses in messages are now indicated with cursor change
  • ALL - Recipients now may be listed in transcript via menu item Tools/Show Recipients.
  • WIN XP,2K - Bonjour support for user discovery added
  • WIN - Files to attach may now be dropped anywhere on the main window
  • WIN - Users may now set preference for SnapTalk to minimize to System Tray
Bug Fixes:
  • ALL - Preference to Archive on Hang up works properly
  • ALL - Editing SnapBacks now updates main window without relaunching
  • ALL - Outbox now has scroll bar when appropriate
  • ALL - Fixed some bugs with saving files with long names.
  • ALL - Fixed bug which caused crash on quit when certain editing windows were open
  • ALL - Column sorting now works when editing SnapBacks and AutoReplies etc.
  • ALL - Fixed a bug which would occasionally cause a crash on incoming Alert Windows on launch
  • ALL - Alert Windows no longer move lower over time
  • ALL - Saving files to alternate drives now works properly.
  • ALL - SnapTalk now quits more gracefully on system shutdown
  • ALL - Foreign characters now do work in AutoReplies, SnapBacks, and Group names
  • ALL - Searching for nonexistent words when folder choice "All" is selected no longer causes SnapTalk to stall indefinitely
  • ALL - Printing is now configured correctly
  • ALL - Printing is now configured correctly
  • WIN - Fixed bug where SnapTalk using sound could raise the system sound level
  • WIN - Bug which prevented SnapTalk from using certain fonts is fixed
  • WIN - Launch on system startup in the background now works correctly
  • WIN - Fixed many bugs with notification of incoming messages. Pop to front is now fully functional.
  • OSX - Applications and other packages are now correctly counted on attachment button
  • OSX - "Bring all to front" now gets windows off the Dock
  • OSX - "Save as..." dialog box now correctly saves attached applications.
  • OSX - Executable files more reliably remain executable on delivery
  • OSX - Dropping files on SnapTalk icon now always launches SnapTalk with all files attached to new message
  • OSX - Incoming messages bounce icon on system startup when SnapTalk is hidden
  • WIN98 - Fixed a bug with UDP networking
  • Classic - Rendezvous no longer appears as choice in Networking Window
  • Classic - Fixed bug where cursor was lost on application being deactivated

Version 4.0.2 - September 28, 2004

  • ALL - Additional messages from same sender are placed in the existing Alert Window
  • WIN - conflict which caused several other apps to max out on CPU is resolved
  • WIN - control-h now has correct hiding functionality
  • WIN - Launch on system startup in the background now works correctly
  • WIN - crash on closing app with close box is resolved
  • WIN - Page Up/Down, Home/End, and Enter now have correct functionality
  • WIN - Can now copy text from log window
  • OSX - long file names no longer cause problems as attachments
  • OS9 - cmd-h now has correct hiding functionality
  • OS9 - no longer crashes on system shutdown

Version 4.0.1 - April, 2004

  • ALL - Fixed bug in e-mail matching code that could cause a lockup when receiving messages.

Version 4.0 - March 23, 2004

  • WIN - SnapTalk now includes a Windows versions for cross platform chat and file transfer.
  • ALL - SnapTalk can now connect up multiple networks behind NAT firewalls (i.e. cable & DSL modems). Simply volunteer one computer as a server in each network, and add the static IP address of the external NAT firewalls into the TCP/IP scanning list of each server. Then set up the NAT firewalls to forward all incoming SnapMial packets to the server on it's network. The servers will automatically handle passing around the user lists from each network.
  • ALL - The archives have been greatly enhanced to include folders, trash and searching.
  • ALL - SnapTalk now includes an while-you-type spelling checker.
  • ALL - By popular demand, the line 1 & 2 buttons have been removed and all communication is now integrated into a single transcript.
  • ALL - Additional text style preferences have been added.
  • ALL - You can now set the volume on each type of notification independently rather than only for the whole application.
  • ALL - There is now a preference to turn off the funnies on the main windows.

Version 3.0.1- Jan 8, 2003

  • Fixed bug where you couldn't quit without an error message in OS 9.2 with multi-users enabled
  • SnapTalk now scans the network when waking up from sleep (if it's been more than 3 minutes)
  • SnapTalk will now restart itself in some rare occasions where it's networking conections get messed up.
  • Fixed bug where SnapTalk wouldn't play system sounds if selected in prefs.
  • Fixed bug where a "nilObject" error would be reported after clicking "Answer" in the Quick-Reply alert if the While You Were Out feature was set to "Never"
  • Messages to which you Quick-Reply now also get archived if the archiving pref is turned on.
  • Messages to which you Quick-Reply are also loaded into the SnapTalk window (unless you are currently on a conversation and there are no free lines)
  • Fixed bug where messages would arrive but be hidden in the other line.
  • Fixed bug where main window gets corrupted after you return from changing the preferences.
  • You no longer need to quit and re-launch the application after changing the port number
  • The window size is now correctly remembered between launches when QuickReplies are minimized
  • AppleTalk is no longer supported under OS 9 (use SnapTalk 2 if you need AppleTalk on OS 9)
  • Fixed networking problems where messages are delayed or don't arrive until you do a Network Scan.
  • Fixed several bugs that could cause SnapTalk to crashes when quitting.

Version 3.0- May 8, 2002

  • OS X Native!
  • SnapTalk now supports TCP/IP for OS X and mixed OS X/OS 8-9 networks. AppleTalk is still available for pure OS 8-9 networks.
  • You can now create QuickReply sets and QuickReplies also appear on the main window
  • Line 1 & 2 buttons and the HangUp button for simultaneous conversations
  • Transcripts can now be archived
  • A "While You Were Out" log to see who called when you were away
  • Save As and print buttons on the main window
  • There is a new groups pop-up for quick messages to multiple people
  • New message alert window is now a "floating" window
  • AutoReplies are now much easier to activate and customize
  • Menus have been rearranged to be more logical
  • URL's in messages are now hot-linked to open a web browser when doubled-clicked on
  • There is now an option to see a timestamp for every message
  • There is now a preference to encrypt all messages
  • Now compresses all attachments before sending for faster file transfers
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