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Thousands of lawyers choose SnapTalk to streamline in-house communications and keep case files and discussions secure.

What lawyers are saying about SnapTalk:

"We've using SnapTalk for almost a year now and find it an invaluable communication tool. SnapTalk provides fast and easy conferencing. We use it for everything from, phone notification to scheduling appointments, to meeting over the network. It is very easy to learn, with a very logical interface that required virtually no training of the staff or the attorneys. It is so easy to setup and install that we were able to do it without outside help. Finally, SnapTalk works flawlessly with no bugs, no hesitations, and no problems. It is one of those must-have applications that are so dependable and such a time-saver you cannot imagine what it was like when you did not have it."
--Alexander Wold of Alexander Wold and Associates PC, Albuquerque, NM

"It's more convenient than QuickConference, without the server and without the expense. I have heard a lot of positive feedback about the "quick" responses, which are especially helpful for our more "keyboard" challenged personnel. The product has been very stable on our Macs and works quickly over our network. The receptionist relies on it heavily to contact attorneys who are already on the phone with clients to let them know when their appointments are here, or to let them know that they have another client holding. Secretaries are able to let their attorneys know that they are going to lunch, or that they have documents requiring signatures, without having to interrupt phone calls or open the door on a closed door meeting. It is just the solution I was looking for to keep communication up and running in our busy environment."
--Ingrid A. Blaauw, Manager of Information Technology, Los Angeles, CA Blakely, Sokoloff, Taylor & Zafman

"When all 6 lines are ringing, and everyone I am trying to reach is on the phone, it can get a little overwhelming. Thank goodness for SnapTalk. It really is a lifesaver. I can let the attorneys know someone is holding for them on the phone. The lawyers can"Quick Reply," back instantly. When I head off to lunch, and I cannot find my boss I can send him a SnapTalk and it automatically shows up on his screen. With email he would have to check to see if anything is there. With SnapTalk I am confident he will get the message ASAP"
--Sarah Jeromin, Receptionist, BSTZ

Why your law firm should use SnapTalk:

Secures your important information:
SnapTalk not only keeps all in house discussion off the web, but encrypts any message or file sent over the Internet via TCP/IP to ensure safe unsnooped delivery.

Keeps an eye on the clock for you:
In the billing process time is of the essence. Time tagged chat for quick reference makes time keeping much easier.

Archives discussions for easy filing:
SnapTalk has a sophisticated archiving system that allows you to save a discussion threads and reopen it at a later date to continue from where you left off.

Contacts you the way you prefer:
Receptionists can contact lawyers without interrupting phone calls or private close door meetings. Choose how SnapTalk alerts you, with sound, a pop up message, or have it read incoming messages to you if you need to keep your eyes elsewhere.

Works even when you're out:
With auto replies you can tell people trying to reach you, where you are and when you will be back. When you return to your desk you can see who was trying to reach you by looking at the "While you Were Out Log. Use SnapTalk over TCP/IP to be hooked into the office from your home or on a business trip.

Saves you time:
Choosing from unlimited "Quick Responses," lawyers can answer a talk request with just the click of the mouse. In addition, organizing your address book into case groups enables speedy messaging to the right people. The intuitive user interface ensures that staff is up and running quickly

Runs on the operating system you use, at the right price: Averaging just $14/seat, SnapTalk is cross-platform running on both Windows (XP & 2000) as well as Mac OS X and Classic.

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