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Customers "Chat," about the SnapTalk:
When all 6 lines are ringing, and everyone I am trying to reach is on the phone, SnapTalk is a real lifesaver!
--Sarah Jeromin, Receptionist, Blakely, Sokoloff, Tayloy & Zafman, Los Angelos, CA

Why hasn't Apple included SnapTalk in the system yet? It's such a simple, brilliant idea.
--Dr. Damien Downing, MD, Nutrition Associates, London, UK

Thanks for making the perfect solution! We evaluated four different products and SnapTalk was far and away the best."
--Charles Gilmore,Graphic Arts, Next Print Inc., Morgantown WY

Brilliantly Simple and Simply Brilliant application! Down loaded, installed and working on the network in less than ten minutes.
--Dr. Steve Dillon, Millstreet, Co.Cork. Ireland

This is a great product at a great price. I wish more companies would make software like this, effective, simple, and best of all free of bloat.
--Brad Griffith, Home User, Bono, AR

What schools are saying about SnapTalk:
The perfect communication solution for school administrators and teachers "I only had the demo for one day, but the reaction the staff had was so overwhelming I knew there was no point in delaying the purchase. Staff had messages and files zipping about the school before I could even distribute the manuals. I had previewed other office messaging products but SnapTalk is without equal."
--Simon Maledy, Administrator, St. Anthony's School (West Vancouver, BC)

We are a small private school in Pennsylvania. Our school is spread out between three buildings. SnapTalk has greatly enhanced communication between the classroom teachers in the separate buildings and the administration, without the noisy intrusion of telephones. It is a wonderful way to communicate information to our school principal when she is in a meeting (which she almost always is).
--Tim Stonehouse, Director of Technology, The Quaker School (Horsham, PA)

A fantastic tool in the classroom "The kids love it. I usually give them a subject to discuss that requires use of a specific grammar point or vocabulary. SnapTalk gives quiet kids a chance to express themselves in another medium. It works on "thinking on your feet," but requires a little more precision since errors are more obvious and you can't lean on body language."
--Henry Wilmer, Language Teacher, Phillips Academy (Andover, MA)

A breakthrough for students with special needs:
"Did you ever try and get eight deaf children's attention at once while they are working on the computer? With your program, I send a message to all of them at once and they can read it on their computers. They really enjoy using it to 'talk,' but while they are doing that, they are building their language and writing skills. It's great!"
--Janet Calvert, Teacher, Bruce Street School for the Deaf (West Cauldwell, NJ)

What law offices are saying about SnapTalk:
We've using SnapTalk for almost a year now and find it an invaluable communication tool. SnapTalk provides fast and easy conferencing. We use it for everything from, phone notification to scheduling appointments, to meeting over the network. It is very easy to learn, with a very logical interface that required virtually no training of the staff or the attorneys. It is so easy to setup and install that we were able to do it without outside help. Finally, SnapTalk works flawlessly with no bugs, no hesitations, and no problems. It is one of those must-have applications that are so dependable and such a time-saver you cannot imagine what it was like when you did not have it. "
--Alexander Wold of Alexander Wold and Associates PC, Albuquerque, NM

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